Do I have to be kind to a jerk ?

affirmation1Well, I think it is natural to feel more positive toward some people than others. We could be closer to some people and not as close to others as well.
Remember a situation, when you were angry with someone or that someone had hurt you, I do not think that kindness isn’t the first response that you would think of. How can we define kindness ? It should be part of every relationship. Do not forget the toughest relationship. You do not have to ignore the situation. It means that we look at that person and what he is doing throught more understanding eyes. Sometimes, we have nothing left to give because they hurt us and they have sucked us dry. Been there.
When people treat us unkindly, it makes us want to avoid them. We say to ourselves « I cannot trust him or her and I can be suspicious of his/her actions and motives. It is not about being kind so the other person will change. It is about being kind because we want to treat the other person with respect. It is a character trait. Even in the midst of pain, we can choose kindness as an appropriate response whether we are dealing with hard situation like family issues, crazy people at work, etc
Do not forget, we do not become kind by doing kind things for others. We do kind things for others because we are simply kind.

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